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One Team Camp

In August 2022, the inaugural 10 day sports summercamp for Bedouin and Jewish girls aged 13-16 took place at Kfar Silver . The camp was attended by 24 Bedouin and 18 Jewish girls from all over Israel. The goal camp was to connect girls from different sectors in an enjoyable way through sports.||On Sunday, 25.12.22 a follow-up camp for the girls and their parents in the Bedouin village of Abu Queidar, where most of the Bedouin girls from the camp are from. The day included a tour of the village, where the girls were hosted in Bedouin homes. Later on, the girls had a facilitated discussion on their experiences from the camp, and what has changed in their lives since then. The girls parents shared their experiences with having their children participate in the camp and how the experience influenced and developed a new discourse at home and in their society. The day ended with a traditional Bedouin feast. In this successful gathering we witnessed a quick connection between the parents from the different sectors (Jewish, Bedouin, secular, religious, former military) and the girls having a common and solidifying experience. Both the girls and their parents stated unequivocally that they would like to take part in the next camp. The parents even requested to have a camp for them as well.

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