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About Sports for Social Change

Welcome to Sports for Social Change

Sports for Social Change (SSC) embodies the transformative power of sports in uniting and empowering diverse communities. At SSC, we believe in sports as a universal language, breaking down barriers and fostering hope and understanding in Israeli society and beyond.


Our Mission and Vision

SSC was founded with a singular vision: to harness the dynamic nature of sports to drive social development and peace. We focus on initiatives that bring together varied communities, utilizing sports as a catalyst for social change, community development, and inclusivity.


Adaptation and Innovation

Our journey has been marked by adaptability and innovation, particularly highlighted during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period, SSC demonstrated resilience and commitment, developing new ways to maintain our mission and impact.


Current Focus Regional Sports for Social Change

In our current phase, SSC emphasizes regional sports initiatives to create a more inclusive society. We are actively involved in organizing and partnering in regional events and projects. Our engagement extends to producing impactful documentaries, such as 'Shadya' and 'Beatie', showcasing the unifying power of sports.

Empowering Through Sports

SSC is more than an organization – it's a movement dedicated to empowering communities through sports. We aim to build bridges in Israeli society, fostering cooperation and understanding through shared sporting experiences.

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