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Meet Beatie Deutsch, the Ultra-Orthodox Runner Setting Records and Shattering Expectations
Less than three years after starting to run, the mother of five won the Tiberias Marathon in 2:42.


Jordanian Karate master Emad Khalil - the head trainer of the Abu Dhabi Police force trained Israeli adults and youth.

Jordan-Israel Martial Arts Training

Mapping of Peace and Sport NGOs

Sport for Social Change Coalition

Martial arts beach training with Arab and Jewish youth, Amb of Japan, HE Tomita and MFA rep

3rd Regional seminar of Martial arts for Peace training on the beach

Azrieli Foundation + SSI

Appreciation event for Volunteers of the 20 NGOs of the SSC coalition

Volunteer appreciation event

Budo for Peace

Karate training with Shadya at the Bedouin girls school in Shibki

Intl Women day

March Martial arts instructors from Iran, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Palestinian Authority, Greece, and Japan share ideas and methods to educate future generations towards Coexistence, Social Harmony, and Peace and demonstrated their methods with 400 youth and 80 local instructors - Channel 11

4th Regional seminar of Martial Arts for Peace

Mapping of Sports for Social Change community in Israel

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